Post 60 Royals Baseball Pitcher 2021

State Qualifying Game: (Valley City 8, Fargo Post 400 Astros 2)

Valley City Post 60 Royals opened up the scoring in the second inning. Gavin Gerhardt doubled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run. Mitchel Taylor smacked a home run over the left field fence in the 3rd inning to add on to the Royals’ lead (3-0).

Valley City Post 60 Royals scored four more runs in the sixth inning. Post 60’s offense in the inning was led by Adam Bitz, Ethan Miller, and Mitch Taylor, all knocking in runs in the inning. The score after 6 innings was Valley City 7, Fargo Astros 1.

Adam Bitz pitched an outstanding game and got the win for Valley City Post 60 Royals. The righty went seven innings, allowing two runs on five hits and striking out seven.

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