VALLEY CITY, NORTH DAKOTA (December 2, 2020) – PlaySight Interactive, the leading global sports video technology platform, is pleased today to announce a new technology partnership with Valley City High School. PlaySight’s Smart sports AI connected camera platform is coming to the sports facilities across the Valley City Public School District, giving their student-athletes and coaches access to a pro-level technology platform, validated by teams throughout the MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, leading high schools and sports academies across the country and world.

With over one thousand students in grades PreK through 12, VCHS offers 30 different activities and takes great pride in its large school programs in a small school setting. Led by Activities Director Michael Schultz, the school had been looking for the right technology solution for some time, and opted to go with PlaySight technology for several reasons.

“None of the competitors offered a combination of an indoor and outdoor solution, a remote solution, integration of our school and local media, sport analytics tools, and the ability to own our content.” During this time of restricted fan attendance, it is very important for us to have the flexibility to offer our content free to our fans and family members,” said Schultz. “We also felt that we need to be able to partner with our local media and keep our content available to the media businesses here in Valley City. We are a small community that needs to work together, and our business community has been over the top in supporting our activities programs here at VCPS. Essentia Health, a premier partner of VCPS, has committed $20,000 over the next four years to support this partnership.”

The school is also looking to PlaySight over other camera solutions to enhance its live production capabilities, upgrade its video usage across all sports and to increase flexibility for remote coaching and video. “PlaySight’s SmartTracker cameras give us the ability to stream and record without a camera operator. The portable GO unit gives us the ability to stream and record from remote areas where we don't normally have opportunities to do so. The entire system with the multiple camera angles gives our community a much better viewing experience,” continued Schultz.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on every aspect of our daily lives, and school sports are no different. “The reductions in the number of fans that we can host has pushed us to live video stream our competitions. PlaySight gives us the opportunity to offer our events to our fans free of charge during these difficult times, but also allows us to monetize our games to make up for lost revenue streams of live fan attendance in the future,” said Schultz.

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