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In the wake of the VCHS Varsity volleyball team gaining the opportunity to compete at the State Tournament, the conversation of pressures put on student athletes has arisen. It is no surprise that VCHS sees an abundance of success within its activities. It is also seen that VCHS excels in academics. So, how do the students of VCHS balance school with activities as well as having friendships with classmates, spending time with family, and getting enough sleep? For many, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Most VCHS activity practices begin right after school and end between six and seven o’clock. More likely than not, students will return home after their activities, and eat dinner, do homework, and go to bed, with little free time to get together with friends and family. The key is balance and knowing your limits. It is crucial for student athletes to know how much they are able to carry on their backs without taking on too much. Remembering why you are participating is also important.

Each student at VCHS is unique. Each have different hobbies and interests. Similarly, every student has a different way of dealing with the stresses of being in multiple activities. Valley City High School Junior, Jadyn Dieterle, participates in volleyball, basketball, student council, and National Honor Society. When asked how she balances life with school and activities, she says, “It’s hard to get good grades and try your best at your athletics. I just try to stick to a schedule and stay positive. It’s definitely a challenge but it’s one hundred percent worth it.”

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