Hi-Liner Wrestling Parker Larson

Last Friday, the Hi-Liners hosted their last home competition facing off against the Bismarck Legacy Sabers and the Jamestown Bluejays in a triangular dual. The night started off with Jamestown defeating Bismarck Legacy 48-25 before the Sabers faced off against the Hi-Liners. The Hi-Liners defeated the Sabers 45-27 and then went on to defeat the Bluejays 39-30 in a close match-up with a tied score at three different points in the dual. The Hi-Liners are now not only undefeated in the EDC but are also undefeated at home.

Tyson Hovland shares why he likes wrestling even when it gets tough and Jonah Schuldheisz shares what it feels like to get a big win for the team against an opponent he has had previously tough match-ups against.

Tyson – “I like how hard it is, the challenge, and how fun it is.”

Jonah – “Feels great; getting everyone’s blood pumping and coming through for my team when they needed me most. If I would have lost that match like I did before, we would have tied, and the results would’ve been decided by the criteria.”

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