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The governor amended his executive order November18th with the following message below...
Update, 11/18/20, 9:50 pm Governor Burgum has amended his original executive order and will now allow students to have face-to-face practices starting on Monday, November 30th. Competitions will now be able to resume on December 14th. For Valley City, a decision will be made later as to the rescheduling of competitions that were to occur prior to December 14th. Per the order, some additional precautions are to be taken:•No travel for association activities outside of their home territory.•No locker room use.•Coaches will be masked at all times.•No spectators will be allowed at practice with facilities restricted to players, coaches, and staff only.

Hi-Liner Athletic Director, Mike Schultz, said he will be meeting with the coaches to make sure that all guidelines are understood and followed. Please note that this amendment does not change the restrictions on our facilities for things other than practices of our in-season activities. All other restrictions remain in place. 

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