PHOTOS: Mock Accident Shows Dangers of Drinking and Driving

By Heidi Harris

Local emergency responders with the help of volunteer high school students put on a mock accident in front of the Valley City High School Wednesday afternoon, three days before the students' prom.

The mock accident was meant to show students the dangers of drinking and driving and not wearing seatbelts and also encourage students to make responsible decisions anytime they are behind the wheel.

The prom drill depicted a fatal DUI accident between two cars with VCHS students in them the morning after prom.

The accident victims were played by students Sydney Franklin, Jonah Wolla, John Halgrimson and Hannah Miller (who were in the car struck by the drunk driver) and Hunter Sayler and Joseph Munowenyu (in the second car). Sayler played the student who passed away after the accident, and Munowenyu played the student who was drinking and driving. Students in the car that drove up and saw the accident were played by Maddie Bennett (who called 911) and Cacie Lloyd.

The event coincides with Distracted Driving Month.

Members of the Barnes County and Valley City Fire and Rescue Squad, Barnes County Ambulance, Valley City Police Department and school officials participated in the drill that was narrated by Valley City City Administrator David Schelkoph.