Throwback Thursday: 1956 Eckelson Basketball

Paul Riemerman
Staff Writer

The Valley City Times-Record plans to run a historical photograph each week submitted by our readers.

This photograph was provided by Wes Anderson, curator of the Barnes County Historical Society Museum.

According to information from the BCHS Museum, this photograph is of the 1956 Eckelson Boys basketball team that appeared in the 1956 Barnes County Basketball Tournament.

Lois Scouten, now a resident of Valley City, lived in Eckelson for many years, and in 1956 and today is a major basketball fan.

“Ecklelson had a real good team in 1956, and the team won the county tournament that year. I remember the coach, Bob Foster, Larry Hesch and John Mortz, and remember all the names of the basketball players,” Scouten said.

Today, Eckelson no longer houses a school, but Scouten said in 1956 the town had a school that ran through high school.

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