Suspected Bomb in Marion Turns Out to Be Cell Phone Battery

Paul Riemerman
Staff Writer

An item found by a Marion resident that the North Dakota State Bomb Squad suspected was a bomb turned out to be a cell phone battery, said LaMoure County Sheriff Bob Fernandes on Friday.

Fernandes said a Marion resident reported to the sheriff's department finding a suspicious item in his yard, “with a burned area around it” between 1 and 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Fernandes said he and a deputy responded. A photograph was taken of the suspicious object and sent to the state bomb squad.

The sheriff said the bomb squad agreed the item looked suspicious, and drove to Marion with a bomb squad trailer, which included a robot used by the bomb squad. The squad collected the suspicious items with the robot, and took it in for investigation.

At about noon Friday, Fernandes said he had heard from the bomb squad which had determined “it was a cell phone battery that was compromised somehow.”

Fernandes said the battery might have been run over by a car and spit into the yard, or may have been an overheated lithium cell phone battery.

“Whatever happened changed the shape of the battery,” Fernandes said.

Fernandes said he was especially concerned because the suspicious item was found near the Marion school.

“I'm just glad it turned out to not be something dangerous,” he said.