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Times-Record readers,

The Open Door Center’s nursing and administration teams have decided to suspend all community jobs (at which their people are employed) as a precaution in this COVID-19 pandemic. We at the paper applaud their prioritizing of safety for individuals and making this difficult decision to protect them. The Open Door Center workers deliver 80% of the Times-Record newspaper carrier routes, so the Times-Record will be switching those routes to mail temporarily starting Monday, March 30th. If you receive you newspaper via carrier and are impacted by the switch to mail, you also have the option of switching temporarily to online e-edition to get your news same-day by simply visiting and clicking on “subscribe” in the top left corner. You will then be prompted to a screen for digital purchase. Follow the additional prompts to complete the purchase, then call the office (701-845-0463) to put your present Times-Record carrier delivery on hold.

As of this article, other newspaper carriers not a part of the Open Door Center are continuing to deliver their routes as normal. The Times-Record will let the readers know if that changes at any point in the future.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and impact the world, the US and North Dakota, the Times-Record office is following policies handed down from corporate, which includes keeping the door locked at all times and working with minimal staff (1-2 people are in the office at a given time).

There is a wooden dropbox on the left side of the front door for word searches, renewal payments, letters to the editor, etc. If you need to get in touch with staff, please call the office at 701-845-0463.

Stay safe, healthy and hopeful

TR Staff

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