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Valley City Public Schools Administration released more information about how the district will proceed with academic learning as COVID-19 impacts face-to-face education.

“We are certainly entering unchartered territory,” their release says. “As a school, we are going to do our absolute best at continuing the educational process; however, that will take ALL (students, parents and staff) of us working and communicating together.”

The Distance Learning plans that faculty and staff have been working with the administration to iron out will enable education to continue as students remain at home.

Teachers have been working to put together learning plans this week and arrangements are being made for students to pick up the materials from school that they may need if school closures continue through next week.

“Due to the unfortunate timing of the decision to close schools this week in North Dakota, many of our students have personal belongings in their lockers and will also need to collect textbooks, iPads, and other educational materials to be able to continue distance learning outside of school,” Superintendent Josh Johnson writes in a Wednesday release.

The Governor is expected to re-evaluate the school closures and make a decision concerning that status on Friday, March 20th.

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