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Valley City Public Schools Superintendent Josh Johnson shares with parents, family and friends of VCPS students updates to District COVID-19 Plan (12-17-2020) and No School on December 21 & 22...
VCPS has updated our District COVID-19 Plan with the following amendments that will be implemented immediately in grades K-12.  These changes will be reflected in our plan and will also be posted on the website as soon as possible.  
District Guidelines on Quarantines
We have updated the new CDC guidelines on quarantines to reflect changes to the "Negative Test" procedure.  A negative test must be completed on or after DAY 6 following the last date of exposure.  Previously, we had reported DAY 5; however, an update was made with the NDDoH and we will follow their guidelines.  Please read the attached document for more information.
December 15, 2020
(Updated) District Guidelines following the changes for Quarantines
Effective December 2, 2020 the Center for Disease Control issued new guidance reducing the number of days close contacts will need to quarantine following an exposure to a COVID-positive individual. Below,
we’ve highlighted the changes that will be implemented immediately at
Valley City Public Schools:
1. 10-Day Quarantine
An individual identified as a close contact will be required to quarantine for 10 days following the
last date of exposure. Individuals must be symptom free for at least 24 hours prior to returning.
2. Negative Test (on or after Day 6)
An individual identified as a close contact and required to quarantine may end their quarantine and
return back to school on or after day 8 if they provide documentation of a negative test that was
completed on or after day 6 following the last date of exposure and must also be symptom-free for at
least 24 hours prior to returning.
Decreasing Close Contacts in School (Specifically Breakfast/Lunch)
VCPS will no longer quarantine close contacts (students) that have been exposed to a positive case from either breakfast or lunch. We have consulted with our local health team and also evaluated our District COVID-19 Data and have determined that no 'community' spread is occurring between students at either breakfast or lunch.  We would like to acknowledge the individuals on the advisory meetings that strongly advocated for further decreasing close contacts in our schools.

Tomorrow, Friday, December 18th, will be the final day of school prior to the holiday break.  There will be NO SCHOOL on Monday, December 21 or Tuesday, December 22. On behalf of the staff and school board at Valley City Public Schools, we hope that you all have a very healthy and enjoyable holiday break.  We look forward to seeing students back in the classroom on Monday, January 4th.  


Josh Johnson


Valley City Public Schools

(701) 845-0483

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