On November 13th morning VCPS Superintendent Josh Johnson sent out the message below to parents and guardians of VCPS students...
Students, Parents/Guardians, and Community,
Yesterday the Valley City Public School Board approved a recommendation from our District Emergency Response Team (DERT) to continue with Plan B (In-Person Learning).  This recommendation follows a change in risk levels that was announced last Thursday (Nov. 5th) and designated Barnes County as 'Orange'.  A copy of the recommendation has been attached to this email for your information. I've also linked our website where you can find our District COVID-19 Plan and other resources.
Our DERT Team and School Board will continue to monitor the COVID-19 cases within our school district and will be prepared as necessary if changes need to be made to our educational plans.  Despite the rising cases within our community and across the state, we are currently reporting ZERO positive cases with students and staff. Thank you for the VCSTRONG efforts that everyone is making to allow our district to remain in Plan B.  PLEASE...continue to wear your mask, stay at home when you are ill, and social distance from others outside your immediate family.  We are #CRAZYABOUTKIDS at Valley City Public Schools and want to continue to see them in-person each and every day.
Happy Hi-Liner Friday and have a great weekend!
11.12.2020 Meeting
District Emergency Response Team (DERT)
Representatives- See District COVID-19 Plan
Recommendation to the Valley City Public School Board
1) Continue with education Plan ‘B’ In-Person Learning
2) Follow the current safety protocols and mitigation strategies (i.e. face masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, stay at home when ill)
3) Continue to evaluate COVID-19 school statistics on a daily basis and remain very nimble and able to change/adjust as necessary.
4) If a change to virtual learning is considered, please remember to keep in mind the following:
- Mental health of students
- Social behaviors of students outside of school
This is a unanimous recommendation from our DERT Team and Local Health Team following the meeting held on Tuesday, November 12, 2020. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, December 15, 2020; however, they will meet sooner if necessary.

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