Mike Schultz, Hi-Liner Athletic Director shares...
Due to the continued concern of power outages, VCPS has put together a contingency plan for our games tonight with Wahpeton. At this point, Wahpeton has not experienced the power outages and is planning to continue games as normal. Wahpeton is hosting a parent's night and fan appreciation night. Admission will be free to the game. Below is VCPS's contingency plan for games hosted tonight, 2/16/21.
Contingency for power outage during games held on 2/16/21VCPS will continue with games as scheduled for February 16th, 2021. We cannot predict when the next power outage will happen or if it will happen at all. If we were to lose power, the following contingencies will be in place according to when the power outage occurs: 1)If power is lost at any time during either of the sub-varsity games, both games will be canceled. When power is resumed, we will place 20 minutes on the clock and varsity teams will prepare to play the game. This could mean that the game starts prior to the normal 7:15 pm start time. 2)If power is lost during the varsity game, the game will be suspended until power resumes. If power is lost for longer than 30 minutes, we will allow for a 3minute re-warm-up periodand resume the game at the point that the game was suspended. We will re-evaluate resuming the game at various time periods during the power outage and communicate as we are able. This game is an important game for both teams and both sides have agreed to these contingencies. Neither the C game nor the JV game will be made-up if canceled. Wewill continue with senior recognition as planned.
Update Message from Valley City Public Schools - 12:30pm
After talking recently with officials with the city of Valley City, we are expecting that there will be additional power outages this afternoon/evening in Valley City.  Despite an unexpected beginning to the day, everything is going well in our schools.  If we do lose power this afternoon, we are confident that our staff will ensure our students are safe and will continue with a productive and 'memorable' learning day. 
Our plan is to continue with ALL activities (afterschool clubs, practices, and events) this afternoon/evening at Valley City Public Schools.  The boys' basketball game v. Wahpeton will be played as schedule at the Hi-Liner Activity Center with plans in place to address any interruptions due to power outages.
If changes are necessary, we will communicate updated information with our parents and staff members using phone calls, emails, and social media. Thank you all so much for your support, patience, and flexibility during these unplanned power outages in Valley City.
Thank you,

Josh Johnson


Valley City Public Schools

(701) 845-0483


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