The Three “R’s” and Oh, So Much More!

Remember when school was reading, writing and arithmetic?  It probably doesn’t feel like it was all too long ago for many of you.  In fact, it’s possible that’s what you still believe the school’s sole purpose is.  I’m here to tell you that our schools are so much more than just a test score! However, with Washington being named a National Blue Ribbon School and Jefferson and the High School being recognized by the state of North Dakota for being in the top 15% of public schools just this year, I’d say those test scores look mighty fine, too.

You’re probably tired of hearing about proficiency rates, standards, curriculums, MTSS and every other acronym under the sun. So, let’s talk about everything else the schools provide our students, parents and community.  Most of which, I’m guessing you are unaware of.

For instance, are you aware that schools are providing our students both breakfast and lunch for free, for ALL students?  Not only that, but through a grant, elementary students are provided a fresh fruit or vegetable snack three times a week.  How about the possibility of providing those meals all summer long?  Yeah, our schools do that, too.

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