The Valley City Public School Board approved the 2020-2021 District Reopening Plan on Monday, July 27th.  The approved plan is attached with this email and will continue to be used as our guide in preparing for the first day of school on Monday, August 31st.  Please see the highlights of this plan and additional information below on Student Registration and Masks:
District Reopening Plan (Approved on July 27th)
  • First Day of School- Monday, August 31, 2020 
  • Staff Training- August 24-28th
  • Health and Safety Plan (following local, state, and CDC guidelines)
  • Education Plans (4 plans for 2020-2021)
Please know that the comprehensive (and detailed) school, activity, transportation, nutrition, and facility plans will be presented to the School Board on Monday, August 10th and then shared with students and parents/families after they have been approved.  The plans will be additions to our District Reopening Plan.
(Online) Student Registration for 2020-2021
Student registration for school will begin on Monday, August 10th for all students in our school district.  All parents/families will be expected to register students before Friday, August 14th.  This is a change due to a delay in the program that will be used for the 20-21 ONLINE only student registration. 
Hi-Liner Masks will be for Sale on Monday, August 10th
The Hi-Liner Masks will be for sale beginning on Monday, August 10th for all students and order form will be available for parents/families during registration.  This school year, all students will be required to supply a mask for in-person learning, however, it does not have to be a Hi-Liner Mask.  The purchased Hi-Liner Masks will be handed out to students at the end of August, and unsold masks will be for sale for parents/families and the community at the beginning of September.  Please know that anyone that is unable to pay for a Hi-Liner Mask is encouraged to contact our District Office at 701.845.0483.  The School District received a very generous donation from the BC COVID-19 Relief Fund (Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation) to help offset the cost for COVID-19 student supplies. (Check out the attachment and the 3 designs of masks that were selected by our students)
If you have any questions on this information please contact our district office and/or the school principals.  We will continue to provide updated information in preparation for the first day of school on Monday, August 31st.
Thank you,

Josh Johnson


Valley City Public Schools

(701) 845-0483

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