Inclusion T-Shirts

What does inclusion mean to you? The answer Paige Kaber, a sophomore at Valley City High School, came up with was, “We should include everyone no matter what.”

This question was only meant to start a conversation about a vocabulary word, but it turned into so much more.

Paige had an idea for a Tech Ed project. She asked Mrs. Beattie, the Technology Education teacher, to partner with her and a DECA student, Natalie Lemnus, to make t-shirts saying, “Inclusion is Cool.” Natalie and Paige were responsible for the design, marketing, production, and distribution of the shirts. Paige decided to donate the profits to Special Olympics.

In just a week of marketing, over 100 shirts were ordered. Paige and Natalie spent a few hours in the Tech Ed room perfecting their “Inclusion is Cool” design and printing it onto heat transfer paper using the Wide Format Printer.

The student production team positioned and ironed the design onto the shirts. All of the shirts were made by VCHS students.

From Paige’s idea to Natalie’s eye for design, and the National Honor Society’s manpower, a $500 check was presented to the Special Olympics basketball team on Dec. 12th.

The team will use the money for new jerseys as their team continues to grow in numbers.

Paige would like to thank everyone who helped with the “Inclusion is Cool” project, especially Mrs. Beattie, Natalie, and the National Honor Society students.

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