Coronavirus: What To Know Graphic

Community leaders met on Friday morning to listen to a brief presentation by City-County Health Director Theresa Will, ask questions and share information among the group.

The meeting, Will reiterated, is to keep open lines of communication with those in the community. It’s vital to talk to one another and share resources, information and ideas as we face the reality that COVID-19 is changing and will impact the way we live—whether or not the virus reaches our area.

Q: Where do I go if I have symptoms?

A: Call your local healthcare provider (don’t go in, to reduce the chance of transmission), and they will assess symptoms, travel history, close contacts and determine if you should be tested. Depending on the assessment, they will advise you on the next steps.

Q: Cold, flu and COVID-19 share some symptoms—how do I know to stay home from work and/or call my doctor?

A: If you have a fever of 100ºF or higher, stay home from work. Get in touch with your health provider if you are concerned your symptoms could be flu or COVID-19.

Q: The flu kills so many more people every year than COVID-19 has now. Why the sudden rush to quarantine? Why shut down college campuses and schools?

A: Jennifer Schmidt, NDDoH Epidemiologist: “The difference between Influenza to Coronavirus is that we have antivirals that work on Influenza. We have nothing that works on Coronavirus. We have a vaccine for Influenza. We don’t for Coronavirus. In some of areas of the country, we are seeing community spread. If some of these entities don’t take steps to contain it, this will move so rapidly we won’t be able to respond.”

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