Green Dot 276 Dots

Valley City Green Dot invites all to join them in their December campaign to “Give a Green Dot,” or as many as you can, this holiday season. Giving a Green Dot means making small decisions every day that help keep our community safe. Green Dots are the little choices we each make to watch out for one another in our community and to make clear that we in Valley City don’t tolerate violence.

Our goal has surpassed our 250 proactive Green Dots we wished to achieve this month. These 276 small moments include sharing with someone what VC Green Dot is, supporting organizations like APOC, signing up or inviting people to our January 31st Bystander Training, telling people about the 3Ds and other Bystander tips, sharing bystander videos on your social media, gifting a Green Dot ornament with info about violence prevention, or simply encouraging people to look out for one another and to keep Valley City safe.

Congratuations Valley City on 276 Green Dots given, so far, to help keep Valley City safe. Let’s keep that momentum going.

You can participate in “Give a Green Dot” by doing any of the things above, sharing VC Green Dot posts throughout the month, or letting VC Green Dot know when you’ve given a Green Dot by using the hashtag #GiveaGreenDot or emailing your “Give a Green Dot” story to

To learn more about Valley City Green Dot and to find out how you can support violence prevention efforts, find them on social media @VCGreenDot, online at, or contact coordinators, Kristin Petersen and Sharayah Robinson, at (701) 840-8547 or

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