Coney Island Baby Incubator Exhibit 1906

In the Thursday, September 30th Times-Record edition, there was a story about September 30th as National NICU Awareness Day, featuring photos and the story of baby Kinsley, a NICU grad and close friend of the TR. 

Thanks to continuing research and technological advances, NICU infants have much higher rates of survival, though each stay and unexpected loss is indescribably painful and traumatic. As advances continue to be made, more small infants born with complications will be able to leave the hospital and thrive, living long, full lives. Curious about just how far NICU care has come, I decided to look into the history of neonatal care.

The first neonatal intensive care units didn’t appear in American hospitals until 1922. Around the turn of the 20th century, in fact, many American and European hospitals didn’t utilize technology like incubators in their facilities. 

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