Please see the information below regarding COVID-19, Winter Weather, and No School on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
We are currently experiencing the lowest impact of COVID-19 (positive cases and close contacts) in our district since the beginning of the school year.  Yesterday, we reported no positive cases and very few students in quarantine as close contacts.  While we are hopeful that this trend will continue, the reality is North Dakota will 'likely' see another increase of COVID-19.  We need your continued support and involvement with the implementation of mitigation strategies within our school district and believe that our District COVID-19 Plan has been successful because of the coordinated effort between students, staff, and our parents/guardians.  Please continue to reduce the risks for further impacts of COVID-19 at Valley City Public Schools by wearing your Face Mask, practicing Hand Hygiene, and staying at home if you are Sick. #StartStrongFinishStrongerVC
Winter Weather Plan
We have had an unbelievably 'mild' winter and hope that it will continue for the rest of the school year.  VCPS has prepared for inclement weather and would like to remind parents/guardians to review our winter weather plan (attached).  If we need to close our schools due to weather, we will follow this district plan for making up the lost hours/days (1 school day = 7 hours):
+ Up to 7 hours (no make-up day)
+ 7-14 hours (make-up day on May 28th)
+ 14-21 hours (make-up day on March 19th)
+ Above 21 hours will consider virtual learning days (to be determined)
We are closely following a weather system forecasted to impact our area on Thursday afternoon thru Friday morning.  Please be alert to any announcements that will be made using our communication systems (phone, email, local media, and social media).
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
There will be No School for students on Monday, January 18, 2021 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).  All employees of our school district will be participating in training on this day focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  For your information, I've attached an agenda of our in-service for this day.
This Friday, we mark the end of the first semester of the school year.  A huge Hi-Liner "Shout-Out" to all of you for helping Valley City Public Schools provide in-person education for all 83 school days this year!!! We have 87 days remaining this school year....#StartStrongFinishStrongerVC

Josh Johnson


Valley City Public Schools

(701) 845-0483



2020-2021 Winter Weather Plan VALLEY CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
The winter weather plan will provide information for students, staff, parents/guardians in preparation for school cancellations and/or
delays during the 2020-2021 school year. This information is intended to serve as a resource for our school community and will be
available on our school website at www.hiliners.org.
How do we make decisions to cancel or delay school?
Valley City Public Schools will make weather-related decisions based upon the following factors:
* Temperatures/Wind-Chill (current and/or expected)
* Snow Totals (current and/or expected)
* Forecasted Duration of the Inclement Weather
* Visibility Conditions (current and/or expected)
* Road Conditions (current and/or expected)
* Alerts from the National Weather Service
In addition to these factors, Valley City Public Schools may also be advised on winter weather conditions from any of the following
organizations: City of Valley City, Barnes County Sheriff’s Department, Highway Patrol, North Dakota Department of Transportation,
and the National Weather Service.
When and how will you be notified of a delay or cancellation?
We will decide no later than 6:30 AM if school will be cancelled or delayed for that school day. In situations when school is dismissed
early due to weather, an announcement will be made at least one hour prior to dismissal.
Information regarding school cancellations or delays will be sent to staff and parents/guardians using the Phone Alert System. In
addition, announcements will also be made using the following systems:
* Staff and Parent Email Listservs
* Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
* Radio @ KOVC 1490 AM or 96.3 FM
* Television @ WDAY, KVRR, and KVLY
How will we know when school begins if school is delayed?
It may be necessary to delay the start of school due to winter weather. If this decision is made, a modified scheduled will be followed
for the school day:
1) One Hour Delay- School starts at 9:30 AM for Grades 7-12, 9:40 AM for Grades K-6. Bus pick up time for bus students
will be 1 hour later than their normal pick up time (ex. 7:30 AM Normal – 8:30 AM One-hour Delay)
2) Two Hours Delay- School starts at 10:30 AM for Grades 7-12, 10:40 AM for Grades K-6. Bus pick up time for bus students
will be 2 hours later than their normal pick up time (ex. 7:30 AM Normal – 9:30 AM Two-hour Delay)
The district will NOT serve breakfast on late start to school days. The Junior/Senior High modified class schedule will be communicated
via email with students, staff, and parents/guardians.
When will we know if Activities have been cancelled or rescheduled?
All decisions related to the cancellation or postponement of school activities due to the weather will be made as soon as possible and
communicated to students, coaches, and parents/guardians. If school is cancelled or dismissed early due to the weather conditions, there
will be no after school activities (including practices). If school is delayed due to weather conditions, there will be no early morning
school activities (including practices).
Please read this important information regarding our winter weather plan
* Parents have the right to keep children at home if they feel the weather conditions are not safe for travel. There will be no
penalty to grades or attendance if that decision is made. Parents may also pick up students early from school as necessary
following the same expectations.
* If necessary, the use of storm homes may be used for students that are unable to make it home due to the weather conditions.
If you would like your child to have a storm home designated in our student information system, please contact the
administrative assistant at your student’s school.
* Parent permission is required in order for high school students to be released from school early so they can drive home. Parents
must call the high school office and the students must sign out of the office before they leave for the day.
Please contact the district office at 701.845.0483 and/or school superintendent Josh Johnson at josh.johnson@k12.nd.us if you have
any questions regarding the winter weather plan. Our priority in making weather-related school decisions will always be the safety of
our students and staff at Valley City Public Schools.

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