St Raphael

Halloween may be the season of pumpkin carvings, but the autumnal fruit isn’t just a one-month affair – pumpkins decorate the tables of households across the country, in the form of pie or as spice for coffee and cocoas, and at the St. Raphael’s - SMP Health of Valley City, pumpkins will decorate the rooms of residents as well, thanks to the generosity of their community … and the ingenuity of one inspired staffer.

“Thanksgiving is pumpkins (too) and I thought ‘what could we do, something different … something to cheer up this place, (add some) colors, because we have this snow,” Renee Simpson, who works at St. Raphael’s, told the Times-Record. “Family can come in and see what they are thankful for, and everybody put family on their pumpkins … and the family can see it.”

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