RiverFest Kayakers By the Hi-Line Bridge
Sheyenne RiverFest is ON for August 1-8! Canoers/Kayakers make a difference while celebrating on the Sheyenne River near Valley City, ND.

About this Event

The Sheyenne River is the only river that begins and ends in North Dakota. There are 581 river miles. RiverFest takes place along the 117 miles that follow the Sheyenne River National Scenic Byway from north of Valley City to east of Lisbon.

Sheyenne RiverFest celebration is a little different this year due to the pandemic. We are inviting you to get on the river many times from August 1-8. There will be 9 launching points along a 117 mile stretch of the river. Maps will be on the Byway website closer to the date. Signs and facilities are being prepared at this time.

There are many reasons to be part of Sheyenne RiverFest. Number #1 is it's FUN and a beautiful float! You will be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery in the eastern part of the state. Another reason is to help us develop a National Water Trail. Documenting landmarks and the natural beauty of the river provides us data. We need your input on where to place permanent signage and suggestions of new landing sites. Your fee payment will help us get closer to becoming the Sheyenne River National Water Trail!

Click on -- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sheyenne-riverfest-come-and-float-to-help-create-a-national-water-trail-tickets-110287896066

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