Dwarf Apple Tree

It’s nearly apple season in our state, and cooks and canners everywhere are eyeing up the apple trees, checking for readiness in the fruit. Collectively, we’ll all have apple crisp, apple pies, apple butter and apple jelly, homemade applesauce…You name it, we’ll be eating it for an entire year from the great apple yield. 

But what’s the first step in making most of those things? 

First, wash the apples. Next, peel and core the apples. 

This is the step that creates a lot of waste. Unless you like to eat apple peels- which are delicious, fresh and dried- or you have chickens or pigs to feed them to, the apple peels and cores head to the trash. 

Remember that one substance that works for cleaning, cooking, and canning that you can make at home? It’s vinegar. 

Apple cider vinegar is widely accepted as the most flavorful in cooking and canning, although I imagine the bathtub and sink don’t mind either white or apple cider vinegar when being cleaned. 

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