Quilts of Honor 2022

Pictured l-r: Don Schlotman, Wayne Becker, Tom Stoehn, Neil Skarloken, Gordon Johnson and Rick Duffy. Photo by Iain Woessner/Times-Record.

Six veterans were honored last week for their service to their country and their communities at Faith Lutheran Church in Valley City, presented “Quilts of Honor” to keep them warm and show the gratitude of those they sacrificed so much to protect.

“It’s always important,” Sandy Goeller of Quilts of Honor, a local organization that gives out six quilts a year to area veterans, told the Times-Record. “I did it for so many years and I think not just veterans … I also made sure to recognize police officers and firemen too, because they protected our country. It’s just…we would not be the country we are today if not for the service these men and women have performed.”

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