Sitting Too Much Cartoon

As I rose from my office chair after a day filled with Zoom meetings, I felt like the Tin Man with stiff joints in the “Wizard of Oz.”

Fortunately, my joints didn’t creak and squeak audibly. A can of oil was not necessary. I walked slowly to ease the stiffness from too much sitting.

Most of the time, I have little time between meetings to walk the hallways a few minutes to refresh my body and mind. Yes, I could stand during online meetings. I will have to start turning off my camera and standing.

Have you ever added up the time you spend sitting? Let’s try an activity. You might want to use a calculator to add the minutes and hours spent sitting.

Think about yesterday. After getting up in the morning, did you sit down while eating breakfast or watching or reading the morning news? If you commute to work, how many minutes did you spend in your vehicle?

How many hours did you spend sitting at a computer during work or leisure time? How many hours did you spend watching TV or playing video games? You probably ate a couple more times during the day while seated, too.

How many hours were you sedentary yesterday?

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