White Lady Photo

North Dakota is known for its wide-open spaces, prairie lands, Theodore Roosevelt, the Badlands, oil production, farming—things like that. Here’s one unexpected thing various North Dakota areas are also recognized for: the state is home to a few of what some consider to be the most paranormally active locations in the country. One of these is the seemingly ordinary road, stretched between the towns of Walhalla and Leroy—the road now known as White Lady Lane.

There are many legends regarding how White Lady Lane came to be the paranormal hotspot it is today, but the theories all revolve around a woman who is dressed in all white (hence the road’s name). Some say that this woman hanged herself after her husband didn’t return home from war in the 1940s. Others tell tales of a young girl who became pregnant out of wedlock and was forced to marry the father, after which the baby died, and the woman hanged herself from a bridge near the road.

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