My Bar Owners

Jerry Jarvis has owned the My Bar building on Valley City’s Main Street since he was 25 years old. The building, formerly the Miller Bakery, has been a bar for a total of 42 years.

In 2014, Jerry and Scott took over operations and the building became the My Bar.

Now, six years later, My Bar has gotten a serious facelift. The old carpet has been torn out, replaced by brand new vinyl plank. The walls are painted hues of blue and grey and the deck has been re-surfaced and re-stained. The interior is now a modern and sleek, with just a touch of rustic charm. Liquor and beer brand signs hang on the walls and an eye-catching image serves as a focal point: a large canvas photo print of a train chugging across the High Line Bridge, the smooth Sheyenne River below it lined with lush foliage.

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