Iain Woessner

Hello, Valley City! My name is Iain Woessner and it is my honor to be the new editor for the Valley City Times-Record. I’m very excited for the opportunity to learn and tell your stories and highlight all that makes Valley City special.

I’ve been in the news and communications industry for the better part of 10 years now, graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in journalism, I’ve since cut my teeth at papers near and far, from the painted sands of New Mexico to the windswept wastes of Wyoming to sunny North Dakota, where I served as managing editor for the Dickinson Press.

I look forward to meeting with you all in time as I get situated into the city. It is my modest goal to realign the Times-Record back to being your community newspaper, with more local coverage, photos and just plain more of “you” within these pages.

I enjoy the peace and quiet of North Dakota life, and returned to the prairie to escape the chaos of the big city. In fairer weather I enjoy hiking and soaking up the beauty of nature; on snowy days I’m happy to hunker down and focus on my writing. I enjoy working on designing board games and writing fiction in my spare time.

I tend to think actions speak louder than words, so I hope you’ll come to know me through the stories I cover and the work I do out in the community. My door is always open to those who want to share their opinions of the paper, for story ideas, suggestions or just food for thought. When the roads are better, feel free to visit me at the newspaper office – I’ll be looking forward to shaking your hand.

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