Wolfer Case - St. Paul Daily Globe March 16, 1897

Just after midnight on March 15, 1897, a quiet home in Valley City had its walls rattled by the discharge of a shotgun. It was the Wolfer home, known as the Old Harvey house, on Fourth Street, Valley City. That’s where Andreas and Julianna lived with their young daughters, Margaret (6) and Mary (8), and son, Carl (12).

On that night, Julianna and the girls weren’t home, though newspaper reports of the incident indicate that Carl was. Also home, sleeping in an adjoining room to Mr. Wolfer’s, was the man who had worked for Andreas as a hired man for 2 years: Baldser Obenauer.

When authorities arrived, they found Mr. Wolfer in bed, carefully covered up with the “bedclothes,” the shotgun lying beside the bed. 

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