Damsel In Defense

Damsel in Defense

Equip. Empower. Educate.

Spread the word: Sarah Halvorson and Dawn Mathias are hosting a self-defense class at Sheyenne Valley Riverbend Farm on Sunday, April 18th at 2:30 p.m. Halvorson came up with the idea for the class in part because of a rather startling encounter she recently had at her home.

On April 7th, she was at her house, which sits just off the Kathryn Road south of Valley City, when she saw a man looking in her window. When she went to the door and opened it up, she startled the man, causing him to jump back. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and had what appeared to be something concealed beneath it. The man rambled on, trying to tell Halvorson that he’d just been driving around and wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t be. Halvorson stood her ground and stayed calm, and the man eventually turned and left. He got into his vehicle, described as a mid-size Pontiac Bonneville without license plates, and sped off. Halvorson later learned that the same man had been walking around and peering into a neighbor’s shop just before he showed up at Sarah’s place.

Halvorson reported the incident to the Barnes County Sheriff’s Office and posted about it on Facebook to get the word out about the suspicious man. The situation left Halvorson on edge and had her feeling like she needed to do something. In a community full of people who are so honest and trusting, she wanted to make sure those people remembered that there can still be unsettling moments that come out of nowhere. She reached out to a few friends and neighbors, and then Halvorson and Dawn Mathias teamed up to host a self-defense class for teen girls and women of the community. The training seminar will focus on equipping women with the skills to best handle themselves in a confrontational event.

At the class, there will be instructors available to assist in teaching the skills necessary to Equip. Empower. Educate. women in self-defense.

The class is free and open to the public, and there will be a live-stream link available on the Facebook event page “Sarah & Dawn In Defense!” for those not able to attend.

Sheyenne Riverbend Farm is located 3.5 miles south on the Kathryn Road.

To register or get more info., please reach out to Sarah Halvorson at 701-490-0704 or Dawn Mathias at 701-840-2279.

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