Jefferson 2nd Grade Veterans Program

The Jefferson Elementary 2nd Graders shared a very special Veterans Day program on Nov. 16th that was recorded and posted to YouTube to be viewed by parents, grandparents, friends and community members. If you missed the opportunity you can still view the recording by visiting school-go/vod-archive? fbclid=IwAR12ZH_ooKRkD0e Ho8B3UiH-_v8m1mBwB LjCfv2ChSQwSLJekcmr8SGwuvU and clicking On Demand Videos.

The tune and lyrics elicit hope, pride and peace, especially touching because of the young people who sing it. In a time of great uncertainty and division, the song’s message in the voices of this 2nd graders holds great meaning for Americans.

It starts with you and me, a neighbor, a service member, a veteran to make every day brighter.

For those who have heeded the call to preserve this country’s freedom, integrity and safety, this presentation of thanks by Jefferson 2nd graders is a fitting tribute.

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