Greg Hager Music Headline

From that beginning, Mr. Hager’s travelled a long way along the road to becoming a musician. He’s crossing our own country, but he also has begun travels into other countries; namely, Japan. 


He and his wife will continue to share their tunes on their fourth musical foray into Japan. 

Their soon-to-be tour is unique, though, because Greg Hager is the first musical Olympian. 

While he doesn’t have to compete in running, swimming, or any other sort of athletic event, he was asked to be part of the Lay Witnesses for Christ International group. This group, also known as LWFCI, is as much a part of the Olympics as the track-and-field athletes: LWFCI offers support to the Olympians during their time under pressure, and has for the past forty years. 

Greg Hager is the first musician on the team, and is also the Director of Music to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

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