On October 8th VCPS Superintendent Josh Johnson shared that Governor Burgum updated county risk levels this morning and Barnes County will remain in the "Yellow" risk level.  Our COVID-19 statistics used by the Governor's office in deciding county risk levels have improved from two weeks ago and when compared with counties in "Green", Barnes County looks very similar (see graphic).  VCPS will continue to follow the guidance from the Governor's Office and NDDoH for counties in "Yellow"; however, we will continue to plan for a possible change to "Green".

Valley City Public Schools COVID-19 statistics are following closely with the improvements in Barnes County.  Johnson says that in the past week, we have had ZERO new cases and the number of close contacts tomorrow will be the lowest for the 2020-2021 school year.  The new guidelines enacted one week ago requiring masks in our classrooms are allowing more of our students to be learning in-person in our schools and we thank you for supporting this change and again, allowing our students to be in-person (5 days per week) at Valley City Public Schools.

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