Stepping outdoors  and picking a freshly grown vegetable is a joy for many homeowners who like to garden.

Growing vegetables at home offers many benefits. In addition to providing a worthwhile hobby that can increase your physical activity, having control over your own produce can reduce exposure to a number of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This translates into foods that are healthier for the body and the environment. Gardens also can help the average person save money on often costly produce, all the while reducing gardeners’ carbon footprints.

Waiting to reap the rewards of a harvest can try the patience of those accustomed to satisfying their needs on a moment’s notice. This is especially true for young gardeners who have grown up in a society that increasingly provides immediate gratification.

While tomatoes, peppers and watermelons require long growing seasons, many other fruits and vegetables grow much faster. This offers plenty of bounty in a short time for those who may have gotten a later start on their gardens or simply don’t have the patience to wait on the more time-consuming growers.

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