Semi-Truck Stuck in Ditch During White Out Conditions

The National Weather Service, when it issued preliminary blizzard watches/warnings and water weather advisories on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for the incoming arctic blizzard event yesterday, they stated that though they had a good idea of its timing, it could happen earlier/later than they thought. That’s exactly what it did, leading to early morning travel advisories and road closures. State Troopers started their day responding to multiple incidents on I29 and I94 in Cass, Traill and Grand Forks counties, where vehicles had lost sight of the road and driven into the ditch. Throughout the day, the entire length of I29 in North Dakota was closed and No Travel Advisories were spread across all roads in the valley. Mid-afternoon, I29 from Grand Forks to the southern North Dakota border opened but remained under a No Travel Advisory. Most roads then became noted for hazards around 2 p.m. but the advisories were lifted.

Read the good news for upcoming weekend weather predictions in your Thursday, February 13th Times-Record.

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