Bugs in spider webs

“What’s going on in your neck of the woods?”

I love that expression, though admittedly it’s a little weird to ask that in the prairie environment of North Dakota. Regardless, it’s a pretty clear question: What’s happening where you are?

When I ask this question, the context is most often about the trees. What’s going on with the trees in your area? Are some doing better than others? Probably so. What have people been seeing around North Dakota this spring? Here’s what I’ve seen and heard.

As we all know, it’s dry, dry, dry. This past week, we planted about 40 trees at the Myra Arboretum near Larimore, in western Grand Forks County.

The crew at the Arboretum pre-dug many of the holes the day before planting. Then they added a bucket of water to each hole. By the time we planted the next day, all that water was gone.

Following planting, we immediately added another bucket of water to the soil around each newly planted tree. That helped, but those trees will definitely need additional moisture if they’re going to survive. Make sure that your own trees are getting enough water, especially those younger or smaller trees that were planted in the last few years.

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