Rabbits Eating Veggies

As a child, I used to feel great sympathy for fluffy little Peter Rabbit in his battle to obtain Mr. McGregor’s prized lettuce.

As an adult growing a vegetable garden as well as costly ornamental plants, my sympathies have changed. Nothing is more devastating than discovering that a row of young pea shoots has been clipped to the ground overnight.

What are your options?

When it comes to your vegetable garden, consider elevating the height. Raised garden beds can place those succulent vegetables beyond the reach of rabbits.

Surprisingly, rabbits have a limited vertical jump height. A raised garden bed of 24 inches or higher is sufficient to deter cottontail rabbits. If jackrabbits (or the mythical jackalope) are the problem, the raised bed should be at least 36 inches high. Your back will thank you for the raised bed!

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