Dakota Gardener - lettuce

January is a great time to reflect on the previous year’s gardening successes and failures. This can lead to resolutions to improve gardening practices or to just try something new. To help you in setting resolutions, consider adopting one or more of the following suggestions.

1. Try growing a different cultivar of vegetable or herb.

2. Start an herbal tea garden.

3. If your lawn is looking tough, raise the deck on your lawn mower to 3 inches. Maintaining a taller lawn height is beneficial for its health

4. Save money by doing fewer lawn herbicide applications.

5. Install a rain barrel.

6. Incorporate a native flowering plant or two or three into your ornamental garden.

7. Consider adding a fall blooming perennial to your landscape. Most people’s landscapes are quite boring in fall.

8. Teach a child how to garden.

9. Keep a garden journal in 2022.

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