Jeremy Wolff at Jail Input Meeting Feb. 5

The Barnes County Commission, alongside local agencies, hosted a pair of public input meetings on Wednesday to get feedback concerning the proposed new jail/law enforcement center.

Representatives from the project’s chosen architect, Klein McCarthy, and construction company, Adolfson & Peterson, were present at both the 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. meetings, showing floor plans and graphic renderings of the new facility, and answering questions about the building’s features, logistical layout, materials, etc. 

During the morning meeting, the McCarthy representative began by walking the public through the jail’s proposed design, describing the areas drawn out as its image was displayed.

Features of the new law enforcement facility are meticulously designed to increase safety and efficiency for the jail staff, inmates, dispatch and Sheriff’s Department’s workings. The central control station in the new jail is located in the center of the cell blocks, recreation area room, classroom, and intake areas. Each room is designed for staff at central control to have an unobstructed sightline into all areas at one time.

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