Clementine at Smith Lumber - 2021

Clementine, the Times-Record’s elf friend and a close friend of Santa’s, has moved to her third location (hinted at in the photo to the right). She is working with the TR and Santa to complete her 2021 Christmas mission and invites the community to participate in a mission of their own: find out where she is and have a chat!

The mischievous elf’s second visit was to NuCara Pharmacy in downtown Valley City. Did you guess where she was?

Clementine almost gave away her location as she was so excited to play with a little girl named Willow that was visiting the store. Her mommy was looking at all the pretty candles and Christmas decor and Clementine just couldn’t help herself to giggle and smile at the sweet little girl. Clementine says that the people she has come in contact with so far have been very nice and definitely are making it onto Santa’s nice list. She also asked us to thank NuCara for leaving a few extra sweet treats out for her to sample at night when she was making her way through the store and making her own Christmas shopping list.

Have you seen Clementine? Read the full story in your Wednesday, November 24th Times-Record for more clues. Purchase your paper copy of today’s paper at the TR office (146 3rd St NE, Valley City), local gas stations and grocery stores or an electronic copy by clicking subscribe in the top left corner of the home page.

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