Clementine Spot #2 NuCara 2021

Clementine, the Times-Record’s elf friend and a close friend of Santa’s, has moved to her second location (hinted at in the photo to the right). She is working with the TR and Santa to complete her 2021 Christmas mission and invites the community to participate in a mission of their own: find out where she is and have a chat!

The mischievous elf’s first visit was to Bong’s Bootery in downtown Valley City. Clementine has so excited to see all the new shoes Damon, Brenda and staff have on display. She just loves the winter boots and pretty dress shoes, but her favorite are the tennis shoes. In fact, Clementine has asked Damon to order her a super small size so that she can wear them at the North Pole. For sure, with shoes as fast as these, she will beat all the other elves in the Reindeer Games this Christmas.

Have you seen Clementine? Read the full story in your Wednesday, November 17th Times-Record for more clues. Purchase your paper copy of today’s paper at the TR office (146 3rd St NE, Valley City), local gas stations and grocery stores or an electronic copy by clicking subscribe in the top left corner of the home page.

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