Can You Guess Where She Is?

Clementine, the Times-Record’s elf friend and a close friend of Santa’s, has moved to her fourth location on her 2019 Christmas mission and invites our readers on a mission of their own to come find her.

This will be Clementine’s fourth out of six total locations that she will be visiting on her mission from Santa. At each stop, she writes the Times-Record a note telling where she will be and that she hopes to see many happy faces at each location.

The mischievous elf’s third visit to Smith Lumber left her swinging on the shelves with all the brand new tools that she and the other elves could use to make the toys for all the good little girls and boys. She very much enjoyed riding the forklift with Tim, helping Brenda with the Christmas trees and decorations, and playing with Goldie.

Both Clementine and the Times-Record thank those who have found her so far and encourage others to come find the elf at her next destination hinted at in the picture.

For those who are new to the challenge, Clementine is working with the Times-Record this year with a special mission from Santa to spread her Christmas magic as Santa’s scout through Valley City businesses.

Six local business have agreed to open their doors to Clementine whenever she decides to spend some time scouting for Santa at each location this holiday season, and Clementine made her fourth stop early this morning.

Possible businesses you may find Clementine include: Handy Hardware & Rental Center, Prairie Frame Shop, NuCara Pharmacy, Smith Lumber Hardware & Rental Center, Bong’s Bootery and Central Avenue Pharmacy.

The Times-Record and Clementine invite you to help us have a little Christmas fun and try to find Clementine during each visit.

Once you find Clementine, report her location back to the Times-Record by calling (701) 845-0463, leaving your name, your contact information, and her location.

For each correct answer, the guesser will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. After Clementine moves to a new location, her previous location will be revealed and a new hint of her current location will be given.

Clementine knows that this will not only be fun for Times-Record readers, but it will help her complete her special mission, because she will see more people and have more information to report back to Santa.

Participants are also invited to take a picture with her and share it on Facebook with @VCTimesRecord, but Facebook photos will not count towards the grand prize and are just for fun.

Clementine and the Times-Record do ask that those participating remember and abide by the most important rule of elf fun, please DO NOT touch her or she will lose her magic and be unable to complete her mission.

For more information on Clementine’s mission this Christmas season, please call the Times-Record at (701) 845-0463.

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