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There is a new service that is being provided for the community at CHI Mercy Health Hospital. It is Lymphedema and Wound Care therapy.

Jessie Olson, who is an Occupational Therapist at CHI, has become certified in lymhedema and wound care. If you have had lymph nodes removed for any reason, something may occur in your body. And Olson would be the person that can help you. “ Lymhedema Therapy is  when you have a life changing event like cancer and they have to get lymph nodes removed, or maybe they have an injury from a sport, you can get to where you have extra fluid and swelling, “ Olson explains. “ What can happen with our lymphatic system is it sometimes goes a little far. So that swelling maybe doesn’t go away or it gets worse and you get this lymphatic fluid that is stuck and that’s where then can come to me.”

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