The kids in the Tower City community were treated to a drive-in movie on Saturday, September 17, at the local community center.  The recently formed community group Empower Tower hosted the event.  The kids watched a movie from inside their cardboard cars or tractors.  The wide array of imagination was on full display. 

The president of Empower Tower, Kelli Karn, “Empower Tower was created by a collective group of citizens that are excited by community engagement. The members hope to create a sense of community and host events in Tower City. With the expansion of our school facility and the loss of a few businesses in town, Tower City needed a group that was willing to support all community members. We strive to make it family friendly, as well as invite ALL AGES! We are always excited to invite more volunteers. You can also follow our events join our Public Facebook Group Empower Tower, or if you are you interested in making a donation, please email us at”

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