NDWS New Event Battle of the Border

Valley City, N.D. – The North Dakota Winter Show will feature a new event this year: The Battle of the Border.

The Battle of the Border is a high school rodeo, held on Sat., March 7 at 9 am featuring the top twelve high school rodeo athletes in each event from neighboring states: six from North Dakota and six from Minnesota.

The idea was a brainstorm of Tesa Klein, general manager for the N.D. Winter Show, Randy Hilzendeger, the N.D. National High School Director, and Tony Oftedahl, the Minn. National High School Director. “We’ve been good friends for many years and we’re always looking for ways to showcase our kids,” Hilzendeger said.

Since the rodeo includes only the top six from each state, it will not count towards the regular season standings. But it’s a great way to match up against someone different, Oftedahl said. “You’re only as good as your competition,” he said. High school rodeo athletes only compete against members of their own state, so Battle of the Border contestants will be up against people they’ve not competed against. “This adds an edge to it. It makes them feel like they have to step up their game to compete against the best the other state has.”

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