BC Farmland Flooded

Taken by are farmer Shawn Anderson, photo capture how wet some of the fields are in the Rogers area. He has not been able to do any field work and is anticipating a high percentage of his land will not be planted this year.

“Guess I’ll have to go to plan B” is a common expression all of us use when it’s obvious that what we are trying to do is not working and we need to try something else. I’m guessing just about every farmer in Barnes County would say that 2019 was a year they had to go to “Plan B” more often than they ever have in their farming career.  For example, 2020 will be the first spring some will have newly planted corn plants emerging in fields that are next to last years unharvested corn. Let’s quit looking in the rearview mirror and take a look at 2020. What I hear from visiting with Barnes County farmers is that for 2020 many have a plan I’m calling “ABC.”

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