Burn Ban Graphic

Barnes County Emergency Services Manager Sue Lloyd is informing the public that the Board of Barnes County Commissioners has signed a proclamation to extend the burn ban for Barnes County to April 7th, at which time the ban will be reviewed.

The burn ban is due to abnormally dry conditions that persist in the area. The impact of fires could threaten the health, well-being, and safety of citizens in Barnes County, and the cost of response and the inordinate equipment wear could exceed available county resources if incidents were to occur.

The ban includes the burning of leaves, grass clippings, garbage/pits, construction debris, fallen trees, crop residue or hay land, sloughs, fire pits and campfires/bonfires.

Residents are allowed to use their grills, so long as they monitor them and ensure they are completely extinguished when they are done using them.

Any individual who willfully violates this burn ban is guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor, which carries, a penalty of up to 30 days in jail and a $1,500 fine per incident, as well as the cost for fire suppression. The Fire Danger Rating is available at the following website: www.nd.gov/dcs

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