CCHD Vaccinatino 65 and older

Valley City, ND – Enrolled COVID-19 vaccine providers in Barnes County have administered 2,290 doses to date and are ready to move on to vaccinating the next priority group: individuals ages 65 and up regardless of any chronic health conditions. The North Dakota Advisory Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination provided recommendations to the State of North Dakota’s Department of Health (NDDoH) and healthcare providers for prioritizing and allocating doses of vaccine as they arrive in the state.

City-County Health District (CCHD) has reached an important milestone, administering 1,417 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to Barnes County residents to date. We have utilized the North Dakota Immunization Information System and our electronic health record to reach as many residents ages 65 and over as possible. We have made personal contact and have helped individuals get registered for our vaccine clinics. We are working with Meals on Wheels and Buffalo Bridges Human Service Zone (social services) to identify homebound individuals and others over age 65, who wish to be vaccinated,” said Theresa Will, CCHD administrator.

The Health District and the county’s other community vaccinators are prepared to move down to the next priority group in Phase 1B of NDDoH’s vaccine groups: individuals age 65 and over, with or without any chronic health conditions.

Moving to the next priority group doesn’t mean we stop vaccinating individuals ages 75 and over or those with chronic health conditions, it means we’re ready to include newly eligible residents. If you are 65 or over, or have a parent, loved one or friend in that age group who hasn’t been vaccinated yet, please help them get registered. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, but we need your help to keep identifying folks who are willing to be vaccinated,” Will said.

To learn more or register for COVID-19 vaccination clinics hosted by CCHD, visit If you need clinic registration support, please call 701-845-8518 for assistance. For information and updates related to COVID-19 vaccination in North Dakota, visit the NDDoH website at

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