What Do You Love About North Dakota?

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
Jan. 29, Valley City Public Schools Superintendent Josh Johnson sent out an e-mail asking Valley City parents and community members to try to think up and share what they loved about North Dakota—especially Valley—to try to get our minds off the record-low windchill temperatures that week. Valley City Public Schools were closed for two days that week because of forecast day-time wind chills as low as -60.
The responses are wonderful. VCHS videos from Mrs. Lerud, Mr. Starr, Mr. Milbrandt and Mrs. Shanenko showed students having fun snowshoeing, ice skating, fishing, admiring sunsets and frost, and leaving sunscreen and bug spray behind.
Two videos from Washington Elementary showed a few young students announcing the school closings in a newscast, with a young meteorologist standing outside and sending boiling water into the air to become steam, showing how cold it was, and students in other classes do the same.