Wes' World: It's a Dog's Life

If one were to time travel back to the turn of the last century via the old Times-Records one would see many many articles regarding loose dogs and packs of dogs pestering the citizens of Valley City. They started cracking down on them in 1912 insisting that they be licensed or else killed. Thus, in 1912 it became necessary to acquire a licence for ones' pooch or else for the princely sum of $1 or nearly $30 today.

Cavem Canus!

Valley City Dog Licenses 1912 $1 Starting Jan 6, 1912

Severin Risa had a Scotch Collie named Beveridge
H. Thorkelson’s, Terrier was Fritz
N.C. Macdonald’s, English Terrier was Sport
D.S. Ritchie’s, Bull Terrier was Ben
Chas. G. Lund, Setter: Don
A. I. Anderson, Pointer: Teedelum
W.J. Curren, Setter: Sport
Rod Loverin, Shepherd: Teddy
Dr. A. W. Van Houten, Setter: English Dan and Pointer: Cap
Claude Murray, Bull Terrier: Jerry
John D. Gray, Bull Terrier: Lance
Dr. A.W. McDonald, Bull Terrier: Murphy
H.C. Aamoth, Bull Terrier: Dick
Robert Burt, Fox Terrier: Madge
S.J. Johnson, Spaniel: Fido
A. J. Anderson, ?: Kiol
Dr. J.E. Featherstone, Beagle Hound: Susan ($2 when all others were $1)
A. S. Sigendson, Tan Terrier: Rexall
Victor Swanson, Llewellyn Setter: Bet (Spaded)
E. Carman, Setter: Sport
Petra Norgaard, Spaniel: Curley
Harry Swanson, ? Setter: Teddy
H. E. Nelson, Fox Terrier: Jip
Harold Kulseth, Pointer: Tobias
John Busdisker, Shepherd: Shep
I. J. Moe, Spaniel: Ponto
Ole Nordgaard, Pointer?: Dewey
W. L. Meyer, Bull Terrier: Trusty
Wm. Hone, Shepherd: Shep
E. S. Cole, English Bull: Texas
James L. Smith, English Setter: Prince
James L. Smith, English Setter: Dirty Rube
J.A. Tylor, Boston Bull: Pat
H.A. McHone, Fox Terrier: Bab
J.E.N. Rude, Shepherd: Curley
Jon Hoiland, Pointer: Diana
Rudolf Giselius, Setter: Sport
A.M. Bonhus, Rat Terrier: Ted
C.K. Otto, English Bull: Buster
John Tracy, English Pointer: Joe
W.T. Craswell, Irish Setter: Rex